Field of application:

Cement adhesive for ceramic, stoneware, facade and clinker tiles. It is characterised by high adhesion, reduced sagging from vertical surfaces and extended open time which allows the tiles to be glued even up to 30 minutes from the moment of application of the adhesive on the substrate. It serves the purpose of fixing stoneware, ceramic, cement and natural facade stone tiles (except for marble) on deformable substrates inside and outside buildings. It is recommended for fixing tiles on deformable partition walls, floor heating, facades, terraces and balconies. High adhesion of the mortar makes it commendable to glue tiles with the absorptivity of < 3%, e.g.: stoneware tiles and to fix the tiles on critical substrates: existing tiles, solid and adhesive paint coatings, primed absorptive substrates: gypsum and anhydrite substrates and cellular concrete. GRESLEP is a cement-based dry set mortar (C) with high parameters (2), preventing the tiles from sliding (T) and with long open drying time (E), which results in class C2TE.