Silicone Paint

Field of application:

The silicone paint is produced on the basis of the organosilane dispersion. The structure of the coating made of silicone paint is microporous, owing to which free transport of water vapour is possible. The paint is not absorbable, therefore its ability to become dirty is reduced. The hydrophobicity of the coating is ensured owing to the silicone and siloxane polymers. It serves the purpose of performing decorative, anti-corrosive and conservation paint coatings on external surfaces of buildings. It creates a colourful, matt coating on the painted surface characterised by high resistance to the impact of variable atmospheric conditions and abrasion. The application of the coating biocide in the product decreases the risk of occurrence of biological aggression on the produced paint coating. It is perfect for application on new surfaces as well as on existing painting coating of the same type.


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