Acrylic plaster primer

Field of application:

It serves the purpose of priming the substrate before application of plaster inside and outside the buildings. It is applied for priming the reinforced layer in insulation systems and on even, appropriately prepared mineral substrates (such as: concrete surfaces, cement plasters, cement-lime plasters). Application of the plastering base improves the adhesion of the plastering mix to the substrate, facilitates plastering works, standardises the process of setting and drying of the applied plaster. It decreases and standardises the absorptivity and reduces dustiness of the substrate. It protects the primed surfaces from the detrimental impact of humidity, eliminates the possibility of occurrence of spots and reduces the effect of showing the colour of the substrate through the structure.



The product is a component of the set of products for insulating external walls of buildings with the ETICS MAJSTER-POL SYSTEM.