Plastering mortars serve the purpose of giving buildings and its visible elements esthetic appearance by aligning the surface and providing texture. They protect elements of the building against the impact of adverse weather conditions, enable smoothing out surfaces prior to application of paint coatings, wallpapers, ceramic claddings, etc. and creating an indoor microclimate which is beneficial for the inhabitants.

Masonry mortars are used for joining elements, e.g. bricks in a wall, brick and concrete blocks as well as other wall elements and elements integrating internal and external walls. They are also used for filling joints and thus sealing elements of the building and making load bearing even.

White patching mortar

White cement-based patching mortar is intended for filling, levelling and renovation of wall and ceiling surfaces and for provision...


It constitutes a very good substrate for ceramic linings, decorative plasters, finish coats and paints.


Cement scratch coat. It creates a bonding layer in the technology of double- or triple-layer plasters, applied directly on the substrate...


Bekolep can be used for cellular concrete masonry works concerning a thin joint of structural and partition walls made of light blocks...