Other products

Products manufactured by Majster-Pol which are not classified into other product categories.

Other Majster-Pol products which could not be categorized in accordance with the adopted categories or products which have not yet been provided with their own group.


Biocidal preparation with a broad range of applications.


Material used in a variety of construction works and in the manufacture of simple mortars.


Fiberglass mesh is used to perform reinforced layers in thermal insulation systems of external walls in the ETICS MAJSTERPOL technology.


Lacquer designed for decorative surface shading of the MASTER BRICK plaster.


The lacquer is designed for decorative and protective painting of surfaces covered by MASTER BRICK plaster.


A template reproducing the most popular traditional brick layout.


It is based on cement and synthetic resins and is used for sealing surfaces of balconies, terraces, bathrooms and pools as well as for surface...


It is used for varnishing the panels in order to give them a proper color.


The lining resembling a natural board is manufactured in several patterns of tree-ring arrangements which enable unique designs.