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Nowadays, especially in the case of a family company, there is no way to function without the knowledge of basic aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In short, CSR can be defined as company decision making which takes into account social and environmental aspects.

Family companies usually strongly identify with their place of origin. They care about local communities, environment and employment relations more than non-family companies. In the case of our company, a series of actions have been taken on the basis of this idea.

Our headquarters is located in the immediate vicinity of “Jedlina” Nature Reserve. The Reserve hosts silver firs which are over 150 years old as well as a rich stand of other tree species. Close proximity of such a vulnerable and valuable environment obliges us to pay greater attention to ecological friendliness of our production.

We continually support projects related to development of the local community such as festivals, concerts or sporting competitions. We try to support educational institutions in our commune and participate in other initiatives which serve the improvement of the quality of life in our neighbourhood. We cannot imagine not being part of this community, especially since many of our employees live in the neighbourhood and point to problems or actions which deserve support.

Currently we employ over 70 employees and staff turnover is almost non-existent. Many of the employees have been working for us since the independent production was launched, that is since 2001. Some of them occupy management positions and their opinion is of high value to us. All employees can expect full employment and a permanent (unchanged) remuneration.

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