Glue and other specialist adhesives are used when performing various types of works inside and outside buildings; i.e. mounting stoneware tiles, ceramic and cement tiles, gluing granite coverings, marble, natural stones, light-coloured limestones and other coarse-grained rocks, ceramic tiles, stoneware tiles, façade and clinker tiles as well as various types of mosaic, e.g. glass and ceramic mosaic.


STYROLEP K is a universal dry set foamed polystyrene.


Styrolep Z is a dry set mortar for sealing the mesh.


This universal adhesive mortar is intended primarily to perform a reinforcing layer in façade insulation systems.


Universal cement adhesive for ceramic tiles.


Cement adhesive for ceramic, stoneware, facade and clinker tiles.


Specialist white cement adhesive for gluing linings made of granite, marble, natural stones, light limestones and other coarse-grained...


Specialist fast-setting cement adhesive for gluing ceramic, stoneware, facade and clinker tiles.

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Cement adhesive for ceramic, stoneware, facade and clinker...

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