Silicone Plaster

Field of application:

It is a tinted mixture of plastic consistency based on aqueous polymer dispersion which makes the coating very resistant and durable while maintaining its high flexibility. Owing to the silicone-organic dispersion the plaster structure is microporous which enables the transport of water vapour and gases, whereas hydrophobicity is acquired due to silicone and siloxane polymers.



Sheep fleece grain thickness 1,0 mm 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm
Consumption in kg/m2 1,6-1,8 2,2-2,5 2,8-3,2 3,5-3,9


Bark beetle grain thickness 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm 3,0 mm
Consumption in kg/m2 2,3-2,7 2,8-3,2 3,3-3,7 3,8-4,2


Consumption depends on the quality of the prepared substrate, its evenness, absorbency and experience of the construction company.


Available product colours can be found on a separate page