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Mosaic generator, composing mosaics of various colours

Select the mosaic component in the “Dodaj” field. In order to obtain the result of mixing you should select all constituent colours.
After mixing the mosaic you can save the graphic file by clicking on the “Zapisz plik graficzny” field or save the presented mosaic code.
By clicking on the “Nowa mozaika” field you delete the previously selected components.

NOTE: The presented colour is only a computer simulation and it does not reflect the actual colour of the product. In order to make the final selection, please use the colour chart. The discrepancies resulting from making colour choice on the basis of virtual material are exempted from warranty claims as they stem from technical settings of a particular monitor and on which the MAJSTER-POL company has no influence and thus cannot take responsibility for them.

Legend – the list of aggregate colours:

A – white, B – light-grey, C – grey, D – black, E – creamy, F – beige, G – bronze-copper, H – bronze, I – biscuit,
J – mandarin, K – orange, L – brown-red, M -papaya, N – yellow, O – red, P – green



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