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Company policy

Our primary objective is to manufacture products of high utility parameters. It is important for us that representatives of all customer groups which come into contact with our products reach for them again. Our recipients are divided into three target groups and for each of them we select adequate characteristics which testify to our attractiveness.

We cooperate directly with warehouses and building depots. As our business grew, we decided not to provide services for contractors and private investors directly because we would like companies which are bound with us with a trading agreement to take care of such services on the defined conditions. Since our network of suppliers is being expanded, waiting time for orders has been reduced to a necessary minimum.

Contractors constitute a group on whose opinion we rely most because they come into direct contact with the materials we produce. Their loyalty is of greatest importance for us, therefore we try to facilitate their work by providing materials which are easy and pleasant to handle. We value their opinions and comments, we try to assist them by organizing training and workshops during which they can seek advice from an expert or express their opinion on the products and suggest changes.

Private investors constitute a group for which the aesthetic properties of the products and quality assurance are most important as they use our products for the longest periods of time. Since façade is made once in many years it requires materials which are well protected against loosing their properties. And such materials are found in our offer.

In summary – our primary goal is to manufacture products which prove themselves to be of high quality.

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