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company history

1998 A civil law partnership P.P.H.U. Majster-Pol is established in Mińsk Mazowiecki. The company focuses on the increasingly popular thermo-modernisation of buildings and performs smaller general construction works.

2000 The business partner of Sławomir Kosiński decides to cease to hold the company shares and his position is taken by Kosiński’s wife, Renata.

2001 This year can be considered as the start of activity of the company in its final shape. It is the year when the company changed its profile from service activity to production activity (initially production was commissioned by one of the largest construction chemistry companies in Poland) and began renting land with a small number of properties in the village of Mienia, administrative district of Cegłów municipality, where the company still has its seat.

2003 A historic year for the company. In the first half of the year the owners decided to initiate production under their own brand, and this is how the MAJSTER-POL Insulation System, which includes a complete set of products for thermo-modernisation of buildings, was created. It was also this year that a decision to purchase the rented property was taken. It would not have been possible if Bank Spółdzielczy in Mińsk Mazowiecki had not trusted our company and risked by providing us with a loan other banks refused to grant us. To this day we remain grateful to the then President of the BS Bank for her trust and the chance we received owing to her.

2004 The company changes its legal status. Registered partnership took place of the civil law partnership, with Renata Kosińska and Sławomir Kosiński becoming equal partners and this state has since been maintained. The new company status inspires trust of Customers who know that the owners are held accountable for the company with their own capital assets and that they do not shun financial responsibility associated with running this type of enterprise.

2008 The year in which sales almost doubled. It initiated an upward trend and enabled us to start investing in new solutions, machinery park and infrastructure. In addition, this year saw a change of the visual identification of the brand and for the first time we received the distinction “Eagles of Polish Construction Industry” in the Manufacturers of Construction Materials category.

2009 We implemented an integrated system of quality management, which is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate in the scope of “Designing, development works, production, trade and construction chemistry after-sale service, insulation systems, adhesives, plasters, mortars and paints” issued by IQ Net.

2010 Commencement of extension of production and office buildings, commencement of construction of warehouse halls (all works were completed in 2012)

2011 We received the European Technical Approval concerning the external composite system of thermal insulation (ETICS) with the use of polystyrene with plaster, to be used as external insulation of building walls. The approval confirms a high quality of the products we manufacture and imposes on us a number of obligations related to quality control of products.
The same year we also purchased a German brand (HAVER) modern packing machine for loose materials. The machine enabled us to considerably improve the quality of packaging and to increase production capacity.

2014 A year of further investments. Our machinery park grew larger gaining a production line dedicated to paints and plasters. The line was produced by a German company – YSTRAL.

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    POLAND, MIENIA, ul. Jedlina 29, 05-319 Cegłów

    +48 502 333 116





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