Silicate Plaster

Field of application:

It is a tinted mixture of plastic consistency. Owing to the combination of aqueous polymer dispersion and potassium silicate it has outstanding resistance against weathering and very high water vapour permeability which allows for free evaporation of moisture from the walls.



Sheep fleece grain thickness 1,0 mm 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm
Consumption in kg/m2 1,6-1,8 2,3-2,7 2,8-3,2 3,0-3,4


Bark beetle grain thickness 1,5 mm 2,0 mm 2,5 mm 3,0 mm
Consumption in kg/m2 2,3-2,7 2,8-3,2 3,3-3,7 3,8-4,2


Consumption depends on the quality of the prepared substrate, its evenness, absorbency and experience of the construction company.


Available product colours can be found on a separate page